Uma nova assinatura para Steve Jobs

Fake Steve no seu melhor. Priceless:

Last week, to light a fire under Jon and his guys, I brought in this Japanese design firm, Kuso Sukatoro Associates. So far everything they’ve done is shit. What do I want? Something strong and bold, egotistical and arrogant and self-centered but also modest and humble. Minimalist. Less loopy than the current signature. I hate that “b” in jobs. It looks fat. Same for the lower case “s” in steve. And I don’t like the slash over the j. Should be a dot. I don’t know. I’ve tried a million things. I’m just racking my brains here. Back in March I was a hundred percent sure that I should go with just initials, and I worked up a zillion different models, like, SPJ, and SJ, before realizing I’d gone down another blind alley and that in fact I wanted to go with full words after all, and it was back to the drawing board.

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2 comentários em “Uma nova assinatura para Steve Jobs”

  1. O Procrastinador Says:

    Como o compreendo… essa é-me uma preocupação quase constante!

  2. O Procrastinador Says:

    Como o compreendo! Essa é-me uma preocupação quase constante….

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