Review do AppleTV no Anandtech

O Anandtech já efectuou a sua review ao AppleTV, merecendo bem uma leitura atenta (como quase todos os artigos do Anand Shimpi).

Destaco os seguintes parágrafos das conclusões:

“Then there’s the obvious issue of not being able to play video content encoded in formats other than Apple TV-friendly H.264. While transcoding is always an option, it takes a great deal of time, thus hampering the instant gratification we often seek when trying to watch anything on a TV. So while it’s possible to get just about all of your video content onto Apple TV, it’s not easy to do and for $299 we want something that is.

Not all content can be synced either; what we want isn’t just a media extender that will play DivX/Xvid content, but what about videos from YouTube? Showing a bunch of people over at your home a hilarious clip on YouTube is the perfect example of what a device like Apple TV should be able to do. To be able to stream all of this content from your computer to your TV, only to have to get up and head back to the computer the moment you want to watch something on YouTube just doesn’t seem the way things should work.

These aren’t simple requests, we understand, but they are necessary, in our opinion, to build the perfect media extender. Apple TV was a good attempt, but in its current form it doesn’t have the broad appeal that other Apple products have been able to attain. Apple TV does a great job of serving its niche: the loyal iTunes Store customer. Above and beyond that, however, it loses its value.”

Na mouche. O primeiro e o terceiro reflectem preocupações idênicas às minhas e o segundo vai ainda mais longe. Nunca me tinha lembrado de que seria bastante útil meter os videos do YouTube na televisão. Mas fica a pergunta, se com a compressão aplicada à maioria desses videos eles não são coisa bonita de se ver num monitor de computador, faço ideia do que será numa televisão grande. Ainda assim, a limitação está lá.

Bottom line: Bom, mas curto.

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